Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A prophetic word for President Donald J. Trump, Paula White and Reeni Mederos

I AM preparing my people before the end of Shabbat this night for clarity, even my word which purifies the sons of Levi and the daughters of Zion. Now, my light will not return unto me void as it approaches the earth at the speed of sound. I have appointed three governments not with names but faces. Those faces are Donald Trump, Paula White and Reeni Mederos. This is my Mount Rushmore. Donald Trump is the executive branch, Reeni Mederos is the judicial branch and Paula White is the legislative branch. Two of the faces are synonymous and have the authority and influence of Queen Esther. The three faces of the government equal a pen, a plane and a sword. This is a moment that is dear to my heart saith the Lord. Even as my thoughts were written into law from the Rose Garden. Therefore, I have given Reeni Mederos a direct royal scepter of responsibility greater than MLK because you will take my people and my covenant promises under the radar as your counterpart prepares to open the gates of the temple for my remnant to enter the land of promise. Reeni Mederos you have become the optometrist of the court of heaven. I will download optometry from me to you. You will shine your laser (pen) into the apple of my eye. In the past my people trusted MLK more than they trusted me. Trump, White and Mederos, I need your influence in the earth realm to bring my people back to me. As Henry Ford drew people from the south to the north, this is a Model T moment to draw my people from the west to the northeast like a steam engine. My royalty, my people must never retire like Queen Elizabeth's husband. But I will hide my people as I hid my son like a seed in the embassy. No power will snip the umbilical cord that I have established between America and Israel. Behold, the nutrients will flow.


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