Friday, November 28, 2014

A Word of Prophecy to President Barack Obama and Apostle Leroy Thompson, Sr.

At 11:28 AM (PST) A scroll was opened unto me instructing me to make public, words, specific for this time and season concerning the State of the Union of those whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life. Out of my observatory saith the Lord, I have witnessed two men one named President Barack Obama and Apostle Leroy Thompson, Sr. One operates in fiat currency and the other in my gold and wisdom. I consider the latter to be an "original pilgrim" via the old ship of Zion. Why as a nation have you considered my press release to come from Washington or the White House? Have you ever heard them mention Jesus's name (this is my Son in whom I am well pleased and I am not ashamed) in a press release coming from the White House? I speak out of an open heaven not confusion. My reception is clear. The bullets of Ferguson were not released in justice but of the syrup of assassination. It has now been identified as a notorious spirit. You choose Andrews Air Force Base but I have chosen another landing strip for my arrows. How long do you think I will continue to allow? I hold the title to the Louisiana Purchase (15 million) and I saith the Lord consider this to be my 1776 and not your 1776. As Obama has changed the course of history with immigrants, I announce that I have chosen to crash the structure of the demon of Experian (credit reports) My prism jackhammer will strike my purpose 136 times. This shall come upon the Babylonian system like the famous stock market crash of old. You'll see the skew and the tilt as a pinball machine that is shaken like unto the 'house advantage'. Can I not command my people to manifest perfect credit? Dare me differently! So the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it! God: US won't be able to handle me raising up another man like @DrLeroySr Therefore, I, even I will raise up many arrows and weapons of prosperity and will cause your casino stock market to crash suddenly for this is my strategy and I heard the Spirit say repeat these words: "First I take the power out of their money then I take the power out of their words". Have you considered Apostle Leroy Thompson Sr. who is the nations first Abraham since Abraham who is under my new covenant? Therefore, with my mouth I have changed the geographical location of Hawaii to Darrow, Louisiana. In my tongues the Holy Ghost just said twice: "Listen to me make it happen" On April 25, 2015 at 7:29 P.M. I will cause to take place a financial alliance between the State of Israel and Word of Life Christian Center that will be mightier than the new shekel.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I've Had Inside Access to POTUS's: My Military Advice to Israel

In 1991 I was an Army Staff Sergeant based in Fort Myer, VA. On the eve of the Persian Gulf War our elite unit (02 Sierra) was summoned to a private prayer service with President George H.W. Bush and Billy Graham. We sang and Billy Graham led the service. Earlier today God spoke to me that if people in power had the sense to "seek Me" in the natural and win a war in 42 days, that He has a sovereign plan that far outweighs satans current plan against the Jewish people. Therefore, God has prepared a delegation which will release His Spirit of vengeance via the Jehoshaphat strategy of worship which will cause a hemorrhaging in the womb of Israel's enemies because of the shedding of innocent blood without a cause among the 'Apple of His Eye' namely those who laid the foundation of the jot and the tittle and 613. There is a worshiper that is equipped to give the same swift results as in '67 to ambush, confuse and defeat the dust of leviathan. God: "The United States has become my resource where I hide the stealth of old and my fresh anointing and the present now Glory." The God of Jeshurun wants a 'few good men' on stand by, but battle ready to demonstrate His mystery of Holiness and as a 'Man of War' to silence and annihilate the enemy. This hand picked group should be available to travel to Israel at a moments notice. Their military secret is spontaneous worship with no musical notes or advance preparation but total dependence on the conductor of Heaven.