Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doityourself ??

It is a perfect morning. She is doing her own nails, she made her own coffee. Everything about her is self made and inspired by herself. Often you will hear her say: "I can do it myself".

But what!! What if life took a turn? She never thought about what was about to happen. It never even crossed her mind.
The next ten minutes of her life was not made by her. Some idiot got access to her life. Just by going the opposite way on the road, loosing all control over his car, crashing into her life, and taking it.

Only 25 years old and dead, gone forever, somewhere at 18 she made a choice. Let me lead you, He said. Eye to eye with her eternal bodyguard she stood hesitating for a while.

Then He said in a loving voice: "Marlene, you can't do it yourself, there is no lit up board that gives you the time of your departure and further more you do not have a valid ticket!"

Jesus is a real gentleman so He left. He wept because He knew, tears were flowing because she made her choice.

I am writing this for you and He is here with me. He wants you to know that He loves you so much and He wants to see you...He is still waiting...

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