Sunday, June 14, 2009

rainy day in stockholm

overcast and rainy but not too much. this never dampens the presence of love or grace. i have been in prayer most of the day. god is good when you communicate on his level. he is teaching me a lot of things in pain and loneliness (wilderness) but with his classic sense of humor. i am grateful for my health and my supportive family and love the guarantees that he has for all his people who are called by his name. these are times that separate the oil from the water. no more surface living. only digging deep will get you the victory. dont be afraid to press in and push has been his word to me for today. he guarantees new insight and a new name as well as i think it states in the book of revelation. now thanks be to god for all his bounty and favor in the midst of being misunderstood and misrepresented. i am not complaining because it feels good to be in the core of reality. i love it when he holds my hand and uplifts his eternal purposes. he is a true and will confirm everything in his time. wendy alec ministered one of the most powerful words from her series 'word from heaven'. this word was like honey and passion mixed together. so beautiful and pure and so sweet. i bless rory and wendy alec. developing story out of israel. bibi changes his policies. prime minister netanyahu agrees to palestinian nation for first time.

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