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Santeria Letter of the Year: Satan The Blood of Jesus is Against You!


Prophecy: Ire Ishegun ote tesi yale elese Orunmila (Lucky to overcome the difficulties safe and sound thanks to Orunmila.) LPonerle Adimú to Orunmila 2 with a jícara coconut water and two candles, requesting several days.

Government: Elegbara (Elegua)
Attached: Oyá
Flag: Red with yellow piping.
Red flag with yellow piping.

EBO: 1 rooster, 3 hens, 2 doves, land of the entrance of a people, all kinds of mixed, toothpick, cedar board, 1 hook, pita, white cloth, 3 arrows strain of banana, a wink, 1 whole fish, male and female dolls, 1 white sheet, Jutía and smoked fish, roasted corn, brandy, 2 candles, 2 coconuts, opolopó owo.


1 - Two people are fighting for the same thing.
2 - The branch cut and transplanted plays similar to its original trunk.
3 - The discussion draws light.
4 - Knowledge is wise to wait.
5 - The knife cuts and tears and blood flows.
6 - The tears and the laughter becomes lost appears.
7 - If the machete to the field will not cut or cut herbs he returns home.

-You can not carry any weapons.
- No cross trenches, ditches, holes, etc..


Balder the house with watercress, Canutillo, paradise and honey to overcome difficulties.

Bathe often leaves Ceiba.

Irrigate corn flour around the house to achieve development.

Rogarse occasionally head with coconut and water.

Born in this sign:
Surgery, the science of war, the energy of the earth, hypertension, castration, the aggressive actions, and salute the Babalawos.

Ifa says: You will need to take care of accidents, tragedies and discussions, because they may lose their lives and in the best case may lose health forever.
Ifa says: That must be a righteous and dignified conduct with a great sense of organization in all aspects, social, religious and personal.

Ifa says: That older are required to teach godsons and family in general as to the preservation of the principles, religious, ethical and moral.

Ifa says: It is recommended to overcome educational, cultural and moral integrity of each person to achieve progress and to be regarded and respected by all.

Ifa says: That is born in this sign justice and law, so that all our actions must be within the framework of the law at all costs avoid the errors.

Ifa says: It predicts an increase in crimes that will result engage in criminal proceedings, and should therefore be avoided commenting that crime.

Ifa says: That women in this sign have to be careful with problems in their genital organs, pregnancy, surgery, including pelvic inflammations.

Ifa says: That women should avoid resort to prostitution as a solution to their problems should stay out of this scourge.

Ifa says: That this sign speaks of digestive tract problems, poor digestion, perforated ulcers, appendicitis and other diseases caused by stress that may influence people's behavior.

Ifa says: That must be careful if we have the mouth parts minced or sick to be arranged so as to remove or prevent diseases of the stomach.

Ifa says: We must have the documents in the established legal order and in particular property, housing, contracts, to avoid embarrassment.

Ifa says: That we must keep our homes clean and organized, in case of being in a bad state of repair attempt.

Ifa says: weather problems will continue to manifest itself, earthquakes, penetrations of the sea, hurricanes and floods.

Ifa says: That we should not unaware of the attention to land in order to maintain the productivity that will benefit all.

Ifa says: That should guide the protection of the environment as it is for the benefit of all. & nb sp;

Ifa says: That must have controls that can be produced this year and disease epidemics caused by the results of natural phenomena. .

Ifa says: That we must give special attention to children in general about their health, and assist in controlling behavior.

Ifa says: That must be done to honor the holiday Ibeyis to achieve peace and prosperity in our homes.

Ifa says: That is due to meet Oricha Ogún as we provide support and protection.

Ifa says: It is recommended within the possibilities that we must rely on Azowano and Yewá, if necessary, receive them.

Ifa says: That Changó we monitor our actions, it will be necessary to be made with the same rigor and transparency.

Ifa says: That we must use the virtues of botany and to cure some diseases solution, resorting to traditional medicine while direct medical care.

For the general

The first of December 2008, with the presence of a significant number of Cubans Babalawos and other countries and members of the Cuban Council of Priests Over Ifá, ceremonies were held for the Pre-opening of the Lyric in 2009 Religious Institution Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba.

The recommendations were:

He asked what the 25 key positions. In all cases the response of the deities were very satisfactory.

The day 30 December 2008, the sacrifices made for the deities that are found in the Pre-Opening.


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