Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kingdom Protocol

Many Christians have not seen the glory promised in the Word of God largely because they have approached the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a purely and strictly church point of view.

This approach has led to a way of doing things that smacks of nothing more than "churchianity". The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about the Kingdom of God. We need, therefore, to approach things of God with a Kingdom and not with church mentality. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is BIGGER than the church: the church is an integral part of the Kingdom of God but it does not make up or consist of the Kingdom of God. Being in church, for example, does not guarantee that you are also in the Kingdom of God. You may very well be in church but totally outside the Kingdom of God hence the "doers of evil" that Christ talked about that say "Lord" "Lord" but whom he knows absolutely not!

The Queen of Sheba understood kingdom dynamics and kingdom protocol. She came to King Solomon loaded. You cannot, as a king, go into the presence of another king empty handed! This is Kingdom Protocol! We do exactly the opposite everyday when we come into the presence of God! Yet we claim to be kings of which Christ is the King of Kings!

When the Queen of Sheba left she was more loaded than she was when she came into the Kingdom of Israel. Scripture tells us that King Solomon gave her all that she desired and wanted!

You want to be blessed beyond measure? Begin to adopt a Kingdom approach in your Christianity!

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