Friday, January 2, 2009

28 Years to be Restored!

The dictionary meaning of restoration falls short of God's plan for us in this season, which goes beyond bringing back former condition, place or position. God is giving double for troubles of the past (Isaiah 61:7), and for those whose faith can handle God's profound restoration plan for this hour, God's multiplication command is also releasing a double portion of the future--in a dimension many Believers are about to come to terms with. Twenty-eight years in total is to be restored to Believers.

The winds signify a season of acceleration, speed and momentum necessary to ensure past gaps are bridged and the future is pulled into our now! After a divine visitation, the widow with oil in 2 Kings 4 recovered her family's dignity and honour. Restoration came by way of the miracle of free-flowing oil which enabled her to settle her family's past debt. She also secured reward for her husband's past labor as a prophet.

In the plan of God for the future of His children lies a remarkable promise of restoration that is borne out of covenant. The Lord revealed that believers who have stood against the enemy's fiery darts in defiant faith will not need to encounter the same problems of the past in their bright new beginnings. The word of the Lord to Israel after her deliverance from Assyrian captivity is being spoken to Believers in Christ Jesus today, who must advance into their own future. The Lord promised that "affliction will not rise up a second time" (Nahum 1:9). There will be no need for Believers to go round in circles and or be bound by cycles of defeat of the past.

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