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Swedish King: 'I'm a decent boss'

Monday, April 23, 2007

SWEDISH King Carl XVI Gustaf views himself as a "decent boss", he said in an interview published Wednesday in the Swedish business and management magazine Chef.

The king regarded himself as "good at cooperating, regardless of whether it is in the family or a bigger organization", he said in the interview that focused on his views on management and leadership.

"The family is a good school for leadership," the monarch said. "You have to agree and have a dialogue with your wife, for instance, and that is not always so easy."

The king, who ascended to the throne in 1973, said that he was both impulsive and impatient but questioned the label that he was stubborn as some of his associates have said.

He said he was also particular about details and enjoyed frank discussions with his associates.

A year ago, when he turned 60, he supported creating a new trust aimed at sponsoring future young leaders in business and other areas.

On its website, the palace says some 200 people work at the royal court. The organizational structure was compared to a company with the king as board chairman while the Marshal of the Realm was managing director.

"Leadership is a little like riding. You have to give your associates a free rein and use a light hand but always be prepared to rein in when things go too fast," the king said.

True to his official motto, "for Sweden — with the times", the king was an early supporter of using computers in administrative work. But he said he does not personally use the computer much.

The article said this was likely due to his dyslexia where some studies suggest dyslexic people have difficulties reading web texts.

The king also said he also did not use e-mail often "since it takes too long. I have a secretary". Queen Silvia does not use e-mail very much either, according to the king.

He said as far as he knew, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine did not use e-mail or send text messages (SMS) very much either. "At least I don't get any text messages from them," the king said.

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