Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letters from Retha McPherson and her son Aldo

29 September 2008

This is a great day in the Jewish calendar and also in our lives. I know that God wants to make His Glory more visible. There are several things that make the Glory realm more open.

We sing, Let Your Glory come, but do you know what makes the glory come?

I believe many people do not even know Gods Glory at all! We need Holiness, the realm of glory will open more when we live more holy lives. We need to pursue the holiness portal into a dimension of His presence.

Aldo keep on writing “Mommy without Holiness we will not see God”! With holiness you will stay in His presence, and your channels will be more open to hear God, and intimacy will flow. Praise and Worship will transport you into the Glory of God...and then I am not talking about karaoke.

We should praise until the spirit of worship comes, go into worship and surrender yourself there. Blowing a Shofar is also a good way of calling for the Glory of God. You will know that you want to just love God and the best part of you will want to go on your knees and kneel before the King.

If you have not bowed your knees yet, you have e not experienced God yet!

There you will sense a thick heavenly presence of God. That is the Glory!

We went to see the Hillsong band this weekend, and yes ,at one stage I could feel the tangible glory. I just soaked in that Glory and realize we need to settle for nothing lightweight. Only in His Glory do miracles happened. Follow this pattern in our own home and the Glory will come.

When you sow sacrificially into a ministry moving in the glory and blessing of the Lord, God will cause the same measure given - plus the measure of glory that rest on that ministry - to be multiplied on you.

People’s seed multiply when it is sown sacrificially into God’s fertile soil. Good ground is where the glory of the presence of God is moving. We must do all that we do out of love, for no other reason.

As we experience a new level of Glory in our ministry, it is also accompanied by a new level of sacrificial giving of our self to God, so that we may walk in a higher realm of the spirit.

The price is very high, but the reward is very big.

Death to self but ALIVE in Christ!

The feast of the Trumpets started:

Read Revelations 2,3,4 and Mark 4:23

Repent and guard the doorposts of your heart. Stay under the cloud, in the presence of Yeshua and be filled with the Word and the Holy Spirit. Be led by the Spirit and not by your emotions and situations! Maranatha, come Lord Jesus, come!

Thank you for everybody that is praying for my next trip. We pray that the gates will be opened for the King of Glory to enter.

I am leaving for America (Florida and Ohio) on Wednesday and all Aldo writes about is America.

How they need to bow their knees before of the King, and also protect Israel.

About the oil in Israel and Gods plan for the American nation.

Some of the things that he writes are so drastic, and I am not sure if I can mention it all. Things about the new president and how the nation needs to repent and pray. They need to make God their only God again, not relying on man but on God! Don’t be wise in your own eyes. He keeps on saying it is all about Israel! He prophesied about the banks and the currency (money) before it happened. And most of all, how God will supernaturally provide for those who bow their knees, and follow Him alone. Not the world, not the money, but really trust in God for the first time.

America need to start speaking life and not death, you will eat your words.

Praise God, He is alive and in control.

We are currently going through a very tough time with Aldo, the enemy attacks him at night, and we are fighting, but yes, it is a good battle of Faith! Some days his balance is totally gone and he struggles to stay in this reality, he just wants to live life in the spirit because he feels more at home there. He speaks to the angles and sees everything in the spirit. He does not even talk to us some days.

Here he feels so rejected, and we see in his behaviour how the world’s rejection is affecting him. He seems so confused, but I know that I cannot live by what I see, but only by faith! The battle is not in the flesh, but in the spirit.

When he writes it is so clear and spot on, but his words struggle to come out clear. When people will see as he is now, they will frown upon him, but praise God He smiles upon him!

Glory to God that He does not sleep... and at His perfect timing, He will bring everything in line with His word.

Remember, God speaks when you are still.

Be still and know that He is God!

Be blessed


All of You Lord, none of me. Please make me invisible to any enemy.

Cover me with Your blood, JESUS, thank you!

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