Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dow plunges, finishes down 733 points

Index records second-largest point loss ever as despair rocks Wall Street

Investors agonizing over a faltering economy sent the stock market plunging all over again Wednesday after a stream of disheartening data convinced Wall Street that a recession, if not already here, is inevitable. The market's despair propelled the Dow Jones industrials down 733 points to their second-largest point loss ever, and the major indexes all lost at least 7 percent.

The slide meant that the Dow, which fell 76 points on Tuesday, has given back all but 127 points of its record 936-point gain of Monday.

Dow's worst days ever

Largest point losses

1Sept. 29, 200810,365.45–777.68–6.98
2Oct. 15, 20088,577.91-733.08-7.87
3Sept. 17, 20018,920.70–684.81–7.13
4Oct. 9, 20088,579.19–678.91–7.33
5April 14, 200010,305.78–617.77–5.66
6Oct. 27, 19977,161.14–554.26–7.18
7August 31, 19987,539.06–512.62–6.37
8Oct. 7, 20089,447.11–508.39–5.11
9Oct. 19, 19871,738.74–508.00–22.61
10Sept. 15, 200810,917.51–504.48–4.42

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