Monday, July 14, 2008

My Conversation with the Eternal

Albert: Jesus, I am beginning to see why they call you the Alpha and Omega. And when I think about the complexity of this life, I am satisfied that you are truly the expert of chaos.

Jesus: My hands are stretched out for you, come closer, Albert. I want you to want me. Do you want me, Albert?

Albert: Yes, Jesus. But not in the way that I thought I would. Today, I draw close to you out of anxiety and fear and anger and disappointment rather than worship. For some reason, my motives don't seem pure enough to approach you and yet I am here. However, I admit, that since I began this dialogue, I am starting to feel a lot better.

Jesus: What is upsetting you, Albert?

Albert: Why are you letting the media lie to us about the state of affairs in America and abroad? I don't believe them nor what I am hearing, do you?

Jesus: "They" don't believe me, either. Do you believe in me, Albert?

Albert: Sometimes I feel that I don't have a choice. You don't make it easy, you know? Up to this point, you feel distant and very mystery. If I dig deep inside of me, I would say that I do believe in you. I just did a google search on your name and you are still #1. For some strange reason, this inquiry encouraged me.

Jesus: Should I say 'thank you' or that this was orchestrated by my Spirit?

Albert: I really want to say 'thank you' to you. You are perfect and you do what you do by any means necessary!

Jesus: Remember this Albert, that in this life, this world has no capacity to love you. I am not of this world and neither are you. Albert, you have been bought with a price. My precious blood. I am the real deal. You have not met many real people in your life. Know this, Albert...I am the One. Would you believe me now, my friend?

Albert: Yes, my love. The way that you talk to me makes me want to cry. Nobody talks like you do. I feel your presence and know by the Spirit that you are real. I already feel 100% better. Thank you.

Jesus: You are welcome, my son! What about the other people in this world? Don't you think it is only fair for them to feel this freedom and liberty just like you? Are you concerned?

Albert: Jesus, you know the answer.

Jesus: Yes, I do. I am the originator of really loving people unconditionally. I feel you struggling with being able to do this on your own. Stop struggling and yield to me. Let me be your leader and accept my outstretched hand.

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