Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Confessions of Political Semen

I am a very attractive woman. However, I feel incomplete because I want to conceive with the right man. I am a very wealthy woman. The tentacles of romance encompass me but leave me hungry and dry for a salve that can endure. I want to feel moist and free and told that I am sweet. I want to grasp and control the flow of an attractive stranger who allows me to hold his jewels.

Are there any women listening who would give all of their earthly possessions to finally become pregnant without losing to the curse of miscarriage. No more imagining, but rather seeing the bright lights of the delivery room and hearing the doctor say push.

The only man that you ever accepted inside of you to abide in you holding your hand as you squeeze from the pain.

I have the key to the open door. I know how a true leader could be raised up if he so chooses to be controversial. Yes, indeed, even "How to Start a Revolution".

Find a man. A brilliant specimen. A brute form. A gentle Lion. A test tube miracle angel. No, I will not compromise for a drone. I have to feel the warmth of 98.6 fahrenheit drip in between my thighs and in my walls. Now, I command you to release your yadda, your spirit, your soul within my insecure corpus.

Agreed. Your conditions will be met. You want to abolish the U.S. Government. You want to block the upcoming 2008 presidential elections because they have been manipulated.

You have a record of producing beautiful children. Healthy. Flawless. Endowed with supernatural intelligence. Full of agape love. A bulletproof agenda for the nations. An itinerary that will not cancel.

If you want to become pregnant from an attractive man. Do not vote. Call on me and I will answer you. I will not leave you or forsake you. No sex allowed. But I will freely give my political semen unto you. At no cost. Freely I give my blood, sweat and tears.

Promise that you will not support the mainstream media lie.

I will reward you for your faithfulness. The loss of Hillary. Broken Dreams. We mourn the death of Ron Paul's campaign manager.

Truth has not fallen in the streets. The Supreme Court handed down the heart beat of the second amendment. Annie get your gun!

Do not deny me love tonight in bed. Turn toward the heat. Kiss your companion. Are you sleeping with the Enemy of State? Or are you resting under the shadow?

You have reached the 700 club which is no longer a working number. Pat Robertson supported Giuliani, no way!

Planned Parenthood does not operate unless the crayon is red like crimson. The scalpel that is. Blue blood will be turned away.

History records that Martin Luther King was in love with a white woman. She severed the relationship for fear of the masses.

Ah, hell...I am stirring it up now. Gotta catch my Citation X!

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