Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Albert In The Ballots Den

Daniel was the guy in the bible that was sent from his home town to a place of ungodliness.
Once there he started to do the things that he believed in,
not because he wanted to be seen but only because his God required it of him.
He was laughed at and many times questioned.
It really started to look bad for Daniel when they try to apply their godless rules on him because...guess what? He refused!
His enemies hated him because he had wisdom. He was a threat to them. Why?
Well, they were working on some unconstitutional stuff just to have a little bit more power.
Finally they threw him to the lions and thought that he would get eaten. Not so!
His God backed him up with heavenly intervention and Daniel's enemies were eaten and Daniel himself was put in the seat of honor.

Note: We serve the same God as Daniel

Ingrid Howard

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