I just visited your website and want to know, ‘WHY?’ Why would you post something so offensive? Why are you do you still insist on using the ‘N’ word? Are you actually serious?

Let me give you a quick background of me, I served in the military (heck my whole family has served) and I’ve spent my WHOLE life fighting against racism and injustice. I currently returned from a three week road time where I first went to Jena LA for the Jena 6 case. I than found myself in Big Creek WV to show my support in the case where the six Whites kidnapped, raped and tortured the young Black woman there. I have also been involved in the rebuilding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastation. I’m especially interested in issues concerning me and my people, Black people. However, I feel that unless we’re ALL free than NONE us of can considering ourselves as being free. It takes the warden and prison guards to ensure that prisons remain locked up, so during their shift… they’re imprisoned too.

Now with me being the person that I am, fighting on the frontline to eradicate racism and hatred, I find you offensive and actually dangerous. You’re what I’m fighting against. Even though your skin color is the same as mine, even though your hair texture is similar to mine, and even though your people could have came across the water on the same slave ship as mine and even though you posted that picture of you smiling… you’re NO friend of mine. You’re on the opposite side from me as oppose to being an ally… you’re the enemy.

I cannot believe you. I expect this out of the David Dukes of this world. However, I guess you’re just another Clarence Thomas and a sheep in a wolf’s costume.

Well that being the case, know that there’s people out here like me. People who gladly take up the rod of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks and so many others who have died so that we can live better. Be aware that we’re out here everyday continuing the fight.