Sunday, April 8, 2007

Prophecy: His Eye Of Fire Is Veiled In The Deep Blizzard

Snow will no longer be a forecast but a protection. A blizzard orchestrated by my Spirit causes a whiteout as my diamonds glisten on your feet. You will always see my iris and my flame in this spectacle. My eyes are free to roam in this holographic freedom because the white flakes reveal my Righteousness over my people and therefore I am pleased.

Intimacy is deep in this atmosphere because you allow me to have yadda with your body and no one knows of it.

I perform surgery in the secret place. My instrument of peace is upon you.

Again, I say, the storm is your shield. Your enemies will be destroyed by confusion at my design. You will be secure in the north, south, east and west. Be a good listener and do not move.

I will make love over you. I will make you pregnant as only the Holy Ghost can do. Consider Mary and Joseph. Do not be like Joseph. I was so close to his wife and yet he missed my classic signature approach. The way that I do it, is still the way that I do it. You will not make me change or deviate from the pattern.

Remember what I told Moses. This is the pattern of my plan. Do not draw another tabernacle other than the one I have put in your eye.

I will bring thaw to your frozen dreams. My hand is swift upon you. Do not fear my fingerprints. This is how close you are to me. That is what you have been ashamed to admit. The closer I get to you. The closer you get to me. My desire for you is orgasmic and dusted with blue and purple passion.

Kiss The Son. Be Made Whole. Deliver Your Baby in Honey and be at Rest.


Ingrid Howard said...

That is the most beautiful expression of Gods love that I have ever read!

Greg said...

There is nothing more important than intimacy with our Father. Some know about God but we must know Him personally. That is why we were created. I know you know all this...

Yes, Imus needs to do a checkup on himself. He reaches the older white American male that how could I say it, "They are stuck in their old generational school of thought." Why sugar coat it was racist remarks from a person like him.

Recently, I was radio surfing after taking my son to school and I stopped at his program. I listened briefly and it came up in my heart that Imus was headed for a fall. Well, it is coming to pass.

We need to pray for Imus that his eyes and ears of understanding are opened and that he turn from his wicked ways (repent) and seek our Fathers wisdom and guidance. With a willing heart God can bring about change and soften a hardened heart.

Also, I was very impressed on how the Rutgers administration and basketball team handled this situation. Makes me proud of the youth in this country.

Be well sir and thanks for visiting, Greg