Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chocolate Jesus The Most Misunderstood Person In The World

It is indeed hard to imagine and to articulate. Nonetheless, the reason that Jesus is still so controversial to this very day is because He is the only One who can break all of our rules.

What I am really beginning to learn is that He really doesn't care what we think about Him either. Just like an acorn seed is not concerned that you are against it growing into an oak tree.

It pays to ignore second hand revelation.

Did you know that Jesus is completely secure? Insecure people must always take time to contemplate each other. Remember, people only have the full capacity to destroy themselves. We have been given this limited ability.

People are rarely impressed anymore with even who you are.

A mature and disciplined person is satisfied with not having to control or manipulate you. The power that you have been given is really very limited. Let's be real. You are just a middle man conduit. I know that you hate being called a middle man. Now, if you don't like it, then, go ahead, and do something about it right now! That's what I thought.

You don't have to be your only friend the entire rest of your life. Get in dialogue with your inner sanctum.

Consider this. Could Warren Buffet relate to himself and survive not being a billionaire. What position of notoriety would He have in society?

Go ahead and be a Vampire. Eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood. Taste and See that He is good. It will be the best Ovaltine Drink ever.

I'll be standing by. Waiting for you to hit that Red Nuclear Button.

P.S. Kudos to Charles Blake as He gave the eulogy today in Memphis. He quoted Kim Clement's famous phrase under the unction: "You're somewhere in the future, and you look much better than you look right now!".

Friday, March 30, 2007

Warren Buffet and LeBron James Corporate Merger Or Las Vegas Odds?

LeBron James has a goal to be the first black billionaire sports figure. He has a brand new toy. A 37,000 square foot Bath mansion with a red bow on top is incubating in the oven. The Ohio dream home will include a studio, casino, barbershop, bowling alley and theater. LeBron wanted to get money advice from America's #2 Benjamin Holder. It is reported that they frequently eat lunch together.
Warren Buffet recently flew in his private plane to watch the Cleveland Cavalier phenomenon play in person. Warren says that he thinks Lebron would make a "terrific partner".
If you know your history of Mr. Buffet, he is quickly giving away all of his personal fortunes to Bill and Melinda Gates and friends. True Fact. Some of his closest family members hardly have enough money to eat or go to college.
Personal pleasures over flesh and blood. Did somebody drop him when he was a youngster. Who's Your Daddy, Berkshire Hathaway?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Unlock The Secrets

Dear Reader,

Whether it is good or bad there is always a distinct beginning of matters.
Maybe you do not believe this, but people, situations and often opportunities hide from our view.
It all has to do with frequencies and the perception of time. If we are alert and tuned in, much like a radio, then we can discover great things and hear about the most sought after question: "what is my purpose here on earth?"

In 1991 outside of the U.S. Army Bands office there was such a time in Albert's life. A crucial time to hear and a place where things were revealed. "You will be the next President of the United States". Albert asked:"when?" The answer was: "After Bush".

Now, stay with me. This was at the time when George H. W. Bush was in office and nobody knew about Clinton or George W. Bush.
But the eternal source, which is Our Father, knows everything from the beginning to the end and He was giving Albert a glimpse of his Purpose.

Next time that the future bled through into "the now" was in the year of 2000. We were walking with the children in Hollywood, CA near Sunset Blvd. when an interracial couple blurted out real loud: "Look, the President of the United States!" We then realized that they were angels, messengers, sent out to encourage us.

Sometimes you can be waiting for something to happen and nothing happens! Then you start to wonder about how it could be possible but you know deep within that it is coming.

That is how it was for me when I was in Sweden. It was in April of 1994 and the Holy Spirit said: "this is the year, you are going to meet your husband".

Friends were wondering: "where is he going to come from?" They were saying:"how is it possible for you to meet anybody when you are not dating?"

Well, I went to the Netherlands and I came back and then I got a phone call and I made an invitation to three missionaries to come to my church and then there was this one phone call from Belgium. I will never forget the words. Calling me was Albert. As his deep voice came through the phone lines ,again, The Voice declared: "he is the one".

I was thinking:"no, that can't be, this guy has to be at least 7 feet tall, I don't think he fits the description of the man I have been praying for"!

October 16th of 1994 he walked into my life, 5" 10' !!

Albert joined the Good News Band. He amazed me with his extraordinary voice and his smile, but most of all that one evening when he said: "I have to go and pray until sunrise".

When you have touched the ceiling of heaven with your prayers, then you know, God is listening. If you have walked into places in your prayers where only the Spirit could have taken you, then you know, there is nothing like it. Nothing in this world (and you can name it all) can have the same impact on you, others or life itself. All the visible surroundings vanish when you move into the prayer zone.

One time I was praying in my bedroom sitting on the floor. All of a sudden the room was filled with angels. There must have been thousands of them. The greatest feeling of joy came over me. The angels were not visible to my eyes but with my eyes closed I could see them. Now, why did they come? What was the reason? Did they seek to be worshipped?

Angels are messengers, they do not seek to be worshiped. True Angels will never usurp God's authority.
Everything they say can be found in the Bible.

Many are the people that have had demons appear to them. From their demonic encounters there has been religions and strange cults come forth. When we speak about the spiritual freedom, that everybody should have the right to, we forget that the Bible plainly says who the Son sets free is free indeed.

You can practice a hundred religions and worship many gods but you will not be free until you turn to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. How can I claim these things, you may ask? What I have received by The Spirit, I give you.
Unlocking the secrets is about getting thorough understanding of spiritual things that move your natural world.

Reading these words I write to you is only going to benefit you if you receive it through your spirit. As a christian ( one that follows Christ ) I am also aware of not using "christianese". If you are not familiar with church services or the Holy Scripture then you are not going to understand me if I just quoted bible verses and used christian phrases.
My job is to reach people that want to be spiritual and people that realize they are, but have gotten off into some strange religion or sect.

The next time I write to you I will share about two angels that came into my bedroom in the summer of 1999.

Who is having angels over for a visit? Someone special?
Angels came to me in 1999 and it was not because I am special. According to my Heavenly Father, everyone is special, because everyone has a specific purpose and the greatest victory in your life would be finding your place next to The Father where, as you are close to him, your purpose will start to unfold.

He is the Master, the One that made you, the only one with the Master Key to your life.
Travelling with Jesus is an amazing journey and we are like babies starting off learnng the simpliest steps.
Then if we move towards maturity, we start to encounter pain.

When I say pain I am not talking about physical pain as in sickness and disease.
Growing spiritually and dealing with your life and its challenges is not easy, especially not if you decide to look at things from an opposite view than the world.
There to help you though, is the greatest power on earth, The Holy Ghost.
He is a person and He is responsible for those angels showing up in my bedroom.

Two angels were at the foot of my bed. They startled me, as their presence woke me up.
I sat up in my bed thinking: " What are these people doing in my bedroom?"
Then, as I was looking right at them, they vanished into thin air. This was all in a time frame of a couple of seconds.
I wondered what it was all about, and one night about 10 days later I had a dream.

In my dream that night I was talking to an angel. Wearing jeans and a sweater the angel sat on my bed.
Since I had questions about the angels that came into my room, my heavenly Father sent a messenger to answer my questions.

Now, my body was asleep, but my spirit was awake. During our conversation I was fully aware of my surroundings. I remember thinking that it was getting bright outside and I was wondering if my husband could hear me talking. At the time, Albert was praying in a different room.
The angel said that layers of energy were applied to my body for the healing of my skin.
Also a mark was "put on me", having to do with my destiny.

I asked the angel if that was her that visited me. She answered: "No, it was Carey".
"The angels that visited you were laymen".
When they appeared to me they were wearing something that looked like dresses from the 17th century, white with layers of lace.
At the end of the dream I was taken out of the room. My spirit traveled over the city and then I woke up.

Dreams are mysterious. They can take place inside of your conscious and move around in your imagination. Or, they actually take place in a physical place using your spirit as a vehicle just like in the dream I had. My body was asleep but my spirit was asking questions and getting answers from another spirit being, the angel in the dream. Amazing, is it not?

What is even more amazing is the part about "layers of energy". This was in 1999 and I had no clue!
"Layers of energy"? What on earth does that mean.
Seven years later, the answer came and if you wish to read more about this subject
go to

Stay open minded and learn a new perspective on healing and find that none of it is offensive to my heavenly Father ( I prefer to call my Creator "my heavenly Father" in place of God which is often used by other religions).

If you have had dreams that you did not understand, write me in the contact us section. I would love to help unlock the secrets in your life.
Next time when I come back I will share about a birthday gift that Jesus gave me, yes He really did!

My thirtieth birthday was approaching and I was in search of a perfume. Silly, you might think, but I really liked that perfume. When I was travelling to The Netherlands I looked through every airport. Several shopping malls refused to have what I was looking for and I finally gave up looking.

On my birthday I had planned a big party at my parents house. My mother was picking me up at the bus stop. I grew up in a small town. Only about 8000 people live there. Standing there waiting for mom I hear Jesus talking to me. It was not audible, but I could hear His voice through my spirit. He says:"Go into that store there, across the street."

I ignored His voice at first. Since I was waiting for mom I did not want to leave our designated meeting spot. Again, Jesus said:"Go into that store, I am going to show you something!" This time I replied: "That store is a hardware store. They sell paint and wall paper and I don't need any of that stuff!" Jesus answered: "Don't be stubborn Ingrid, just go!" So I went, stamping my feet hard to the ground like a child resisting but obeying. As I got into the store I put my hands on my hips and said out loud: "Now what?!" "What am I here for?" "Mom is probably looking for me by now!" The lady in the store was looking at me with a funny face, like: "what is her problem?"

Jesus continued: "Look over there to your left." I said:"OK". Then He said: " Over there next to the shampoo, look down." My eyes were scanning the shelf. I didn't know, of all the years I had lived there, that the hardware store carried nail polish, shampoo and all kinds of stuff. Then I spotted it. Deep down at the bottom of the shelf there was one bottle of my favorite perfume and it was on sale! Jesus said: "Happy birthday Ingrid, I love you". I was amazed and He had also timed it perfectly with mom who just pulled up as I walked out of the store!

Maybe you are in a place right now, and you are wondering: "What am I doing here?"
It could be that the invisible hand of The Father has lead you. People are looking at you and they act like you do not belong. Stay put, wait and watch because the biggest surprise of your life is just around the corner.

Ingrid Howard

Monday, March 26, 2007

Anderson Cooper Believe All That Money Doesn't Come From CNN

Of course we all know that CNN's Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt Heir.

I didn't like the way he tried to spoon feed on the Regis Show and dog out Star Jones because she got her tummy stapled. It also looked like he was moving the papers around like he was doing his own newscast he seemed very uncomfortable. The Regis Co-Star took up for Star Jones and said that her new look looked good on her.

A silver spoon newscaster is indicative of our nations news source. Go ahead I dare you to take away that news prompter from him for 5 minutes. Extemporaneous Verbal Communications Tsunami Alert

Cancer Pimp!!!

John Edwards, do your wife a favor. Stop using her to build up your ratings. You announce that you are about to hold a news conference. I thought that you were going to bail out of the race. You are the only candidate that can milk a cancer story and run for the office 2x's in a row.

A good husband would not stage a news conference in front of his house and pimp his wife. Elizabeth really wants you to take care of her and your children.

And just in case you need to be reminded. Your wife has a potential life threatening disease.

Do the right thing and take the family to Disneyland!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Personal Letter to the President of Germany

Dear President Kohler,

I am shocked to learn how Germany treats families who simply wish to home school their children. German families should not have to choose between home schooling and having their children taken away from them.

Surely, Germany wants to promote individual freedom for parents to raise their children as their conscience dictates. It does, doesn't it?

I am asking you to do whatever you can to resolve the case of Hubert and Gudrun Busekros, parents of Melissa Busekros of Erlangen, Bavaria; and the case of Bert and Kathrin Brause of Zittau, Saxony, and their children — Rosine, Jotham, Kurt-Simon, Lovis and Ernst.

The rest of the world is watching to see if Germany truly treats citizens with respect, dignity, and real freedom, or, if it will choose to continue to control the minds of its people through government force.

Shalom and Love,

Albert and Ingrid Howard

State police take children from parents. Their crime? They were home schooling their daughter.

March 23, 2007

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.

State police take children from parents. Their crime? They were home schooling their daughter.

Please stand for the God-given right of these parents to freely educate their children as their conscience dictates.

Dear Blog Reader,

This letter is slightly longer than what I usually write. But I beg you to please read all of it.

How would you feel if a group of 15 fully armed police officers walked into your home, grabbed your 15-year-old daughter, and left without telling you where they were taking her? Not only that, but you soon found out that your daughter was being arrested because she was being home schooled, and she would not be allowed to come home until she was placed in a public school!

This is already a reality for some families —not in America— but in Germany. Melissa Busekros of Erlangen, Bavaria, was taken from her parents, Hubert and Gudrun Busekros. Why worry about this if it isn't in America? Because America is becoming like Europe more and more. Not only that, but here are two families who have nearly no hope that the government will listen to them. I don't like saying this because it seems so extreme, but if we continue on the way we are going this will be happening in America, unless we work to stop it now.

Using the same law, police recently took five "well-educated" children from their parents for the same reason. Police took into legal custody Rosine, Jotham, Kurt-Simon, Lovis and Ernst Brause, the children of Bert and Kathrin Brause. The state will not allow Bert and Kathrin to regain custody of their children unless they agree to place them in a public school.

The judge concluded that the children were well-educated but accused the parents of failing to provide their children with an education in a public school. The judge noted that one of the daughters expressed the same opinions as her father, stating that they have not had the chance to develop "independent personalities!"

Please take the following quote in context. I'm not trying to be an extremist, but a realist. One of the first acts by Adolf Hitler when he gained power in Germany was to create the governmental Ministry of Education and give it control of all schools and school-related issues. In 1937, Hitler said: "This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth. And this Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its (the state's) own education and its own upbringing."

Take Action
1. Please send the e-mail to German officials who have the ability to right this wrong. Your email will be sent to Germany's president and key decision making officials. It will include your name and email address only.

2. Please forward this letter to family and friends and ask them to help these two families in Germany get their children back.

Shalom and Love,

Albert and Ingrid Howard
Letter copied from Donald Wildmon
Chairman and CEO

Baltimore Mayor Admits "Arrest Was Wrong"

Dear Albert,

Thank you for contacting me; I certainly appreciate your feedback. I,
along with Commissioner Hamm and other senior police department
officials, have reviewed the incident that led to this arrest. It is
clear to me that the arrest was wrong, that the officers on the scene
should not have arrested the child, and on behalf of the City of
Baltimore I have publicly apologized to the boy and his parents.

This is not inline with what I believe is the most effective policing
strategy. I am counting on Commissioner Hamm and the Department to
better instruct officers on the appropriate use of arrest powers and to
take corrective action if needed.

I do not want this incident to overshadow the heroic work our police
officers do every day. Safe streets are the key to a healthy, vibrant
city. We owe Baltimore City Police Officers our sincere thanks. It is my
hope that by increasing cooperation between the police and our citizens
we can prevent incidents like the one Wednesday and make Baltimore a
safer, stronger place to raise a family.


Sheila Dixon
City of Baltimore

Mayor Sheila Dixon
City Hall, Room 250
100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Our Personal Letter to Mayor Dixon

RE: Police arrest 7-year old on dirt bike

Honorable Mayor Dixon:

The recent arrest of 7-year old Gerard Mungo Jr. has attracted
international media attention to the city of Baltimore.

Without further delay, the officer and/or officers involved should be
immediately placed on unpaid leave. We trust that you are in close
contact with Police Commissioner Leonard Hamm regarding this matter.

In addition, we know that your internal investigation will result in the
dismissal and firing of the officer and/or officers who made the arrest.

My wife Ingrid and I have been married for 12 years and we have 8

As concerned parents, we will not accept this behavior and inappropriate
conduct from the Baltimore Police Department.

Albert and Ingrid Howard
Albert Howard 4 1st Afr Amer U.S. Prez '08

Thursday, March 22, 2007

America's Roman Empire #1 Spiritual Guru is Dead 1939-2007

Breaking News

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 20, 2007
Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson has died in Memphis TN.

Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the Wealthiest Corporations in the United States.