Saturday, February 17, 2007

Unlock The Secrets

Whether it is good or bad there is always a distinct beginning of matters.
Maybe you do not believe this, but people, situations and often opportunities hide from our view.
It all has to do with frequencies and the perception of time. If we are alert and tuned in, much like a radio, then we can discover great things and hear about the most sought after question: "what is my purpose here on earth?"

In 1991 outside of the U.S. Army Bands office there was such a time in Albert's life. A crucial time to hear and a place where things were revealed. "You will be the next President of the United States". Albert asked:"when?" The answer was: "After Bush".

Now, stay with me. This was at the time when George H. W. Bush was in office and nobody knew about Clinton or George W. Bush.
But the eternal source, which is Our Father, knows everything from the beginning to the end and He was giving Albert a glimpse of his Purpose.

Next time that the future bled through into "the now" was in the year of 2000. We were walking with the children in Hollywood, CA near Sunset Blvd. when an interracial couple blurted out real loud: "Look, the President of the United States!" We then realized that they were angels, messengers, sent out to encourage us.

Sometimes you can be waiting for something to happen and nothing happens! Then you start to wonder about how it could be possible but you know deep within that it is coming.

That is how it was for me when I was in Sweden. It was in April of 1994 and the Holy Spirit said: "this is the year, you are going to meet your husband".

Friends were wondering: "where is he going to come from?" They were saying:"how is it possible for you to meet anybody when you are not dating?"

Well, I went to the Netherlands and I came back and then I got a phone call and I made an invitation to three missionaries to come to my church and then there was this one phone call from Belgium. I will never forget the words. Calling me was Albert. As his deep voice came through the phone lines ,again, The Voice declared: "he is the one".

I was thinking:"no, that can't be, this guy has to be at least 7 feet tall, I don't think he fits the description of the man I have been praying for"!

October 16th of 1994 he walked into my life, 5" 10' !!

Albert joined the Good News Band. He amazed me with his extraordinary voice and his smile, but most of all that one evening when he said: "I have to go and pray until sunrise".

When you have touched the ceiling of heaven with your prayers, then you know, God is listening. If you have walked into places in your prayers where only the Spirit could have taken you, then you know, there is nothing like it. Nothing in this world (and you can name it all) can have the same impact on you, others or life itself. All the visible surroundings vanish when you move into the prayer zone.

One time I was praying in my bedroom sitting on the floor. All of a sudden the room was filled with angels. There must have been thousands of them. The greatest feeling of joy came over me. The angels were not visible to my eyes but with my eyes closed I could see them. Now, why did they come? What was the reason? Did they seek to be worshipped?

Angels are messengers, they do not seek to be worshiped. True Angels will never usurp God's authority.
Everything they say can be found in the Bible.

Many are the people that have had demons appear to them. From their demonic encounters there has been religions and strange cults come forth. When we speak about the spiritual freedom, that everybody should have the right to, we forget that the Bible plainly says who the Son sets free is free indeed.

You can practice a hundred religions and worship many gods but you will not be free until you turn to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. How can I claim these things, you may ask? What I have received by The Spirit, I give you.
Unlocking the secrets is about getting thorough understanding of spiritual things that move your natural world.

Reading these words I write to you is only going to benefit you if you receive it through your spirit. As a christian ( one that follows Christ ) I am also aware of not using "christianese". If you are not familiar with church services or the Holy Scripture then you are not going to understand me if I just quoted bible verses and used christian phrases.
My job is to reach people that want to be spiritual and people that realise they are, but have gotten off into some strange religion or sect.

The next time I write to you I will share about two angels that came into my bedroom in the summer of 1999.

Who is having angels over for a visit? Someone special?
Angels came to me in 1999 and it was not because I am special. According to my Heavenly Father, everyone is special, because everyone has a specific purpose and the greatest victory in your life would be finding your place next to The Father where, as you are close to him, your purpose will start to unfold.

He is the Master, the One that made you, the only one with the Master Key to your life.
Travelling with Jesus is an amazing journey and we are like babies starting off learnng the simpliest steps.
Then if we move towards maturity, we start to encounter pain.

When I say pain I am not talking about physical pain as in sickness and disease.
Growing spiritually and dealing with your life and its challenges is not easy, especially not if you decide to look at things from an opposite view than the world.
There to help you though, is the greatest power on earth, The Holy Ghost.
He is a person and He is responsible for those angels showing up in my bedroom.

Two angels were at the foot of my bed. They startled me, as their presence woke me up.
I sat up in my bed thinking: " What are these people doing in my bedroom?"
Then, as I was looking right at them, they vanished into thin air. This was all in a time frame of a couple of seconds.
I wondered what it was all about, and one night about 10 days later I had a dream.

In my dream that night I was talking to an angel. Wearing jeans and a sweater the angel sat on my bed.
Since I had questions about the angels that came into my room, my heavenly Father sent a messenger to answer my questions.

Now, my body was asleep, but my spirit was awake. During our conversation I was fully aware of my surroundings. I remember thinking that it was getting bright outside and I was wondering if my husband could hear me talking. At the time, Albert was praying in a different room.
The angel said that layers of energy were applied to my body for the healing of my skin.
Also a mark was "put on me", having to do with my destiny.

I asked the angel if that was her that visited me. She answered: "No, it was Carey".
"The angels that visited you were laymen".
When they appeared to me they were wearing something that looked like dresses from the 17th century, white with layers of lace.
At the end of the dream I was taken out of the room. My spirit traveled over the city and then I woke up.

Dreams are mysterious. They can take place inside of your conscious and move around in your imagination. Or, they actually take place in a physical place using your spirit as a vehicle just like in the dream I had. My body was asleep but my spirit was asking questions and getting answers from another spirit being, the angel in the dream. Amazing, is it not?

What is even more amazing is the part about "layers of energy". This was in 1999 and I had no clue!
"Layers of energy"? What on earth does that mean.
Seven years later, the answer came and if you wish to read more about this subject
go to

Stay open minded and learn a new perspective on healing and find that none of it is offensive to my heavenly Father ( I prefer to call my Creator "my heavenly Father" in place of God which is often used by other religions).

If you have had dreams that you did not understand, write me in the contact us section. I would love to help unlock the secrets in your life.
Next time when I come back I will share about a birthday gift that Jesus gave me, yes He really did!
See you next time!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Apollo Theater Winner Not American Idol Singer Makes Bid For White House Run'08

Ann Arbor, MI
A classically trained vocalist is betting that He will have the same success running for U.S. President as He did when He won 1st place at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.
Albert Howard's jazz rendition of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life", completely floored the audience that night. His voice is simply "flawless". Albert won first prize against 35 extremely competitive contestants.
Traditionally, the Apollo Theater audiences have chosen who wins and who loses through the "applause system". New Yorkers sense and discernment for pure, raw and natural talent would probably break the back of most "American Idol" participants. Audience judges are known for being quite adamant and tolerant to acts with genuine substance and depth.
Albert Howard will be the next African-American President of the United States of America in 2008.

He is the first person that I've heard that thinks that every working American should not have to experience any "red tape" to acquire a brand new first home.

"10.5 million children under 5 will die this year--according to UNICEF, how do you save a child's life?

Albert states, "The most powerful nation in the free world should not have any homelessness or hungry people with empty stomachs. Within 100 days of my administration these situations will cease to exist". "National Healthcare?" "Why not eliminate sickness and disease in America completely", he says.

A mantle is falling and somebody needs to pick it up. We believe that Mr. Howard has picked up James Brown's and Gerald"Our"Ford's Michigan Mantle.
Kim Clement recently prophesied that the next 3 terms of U.S. Presidents will be Christians.
Prophet Clement also predicts that an African-American President will be raised up soon in our nation. He also states that U.S. Presidents and Senators will come out of the region of the State of Michigan.

Albert Howard 4 1st Afr Amer U. S. Prez Contribute Now Fufill Prophecy.
Source: Amsterdam News June 1984 Apollo Theater 1st Prize winner Albert Howard

Monday, February 5, 2007

Former University of Michigan Student Predicts He Is The Next U.S. President In 2008

Albert Howard will become the next President of the United States of America in 2008.

"He is the first person that I've heard that thinks that every working American should not have to experience any red tape to acquire a brand new first home".
"10.5 million children under 5 will die this year--how do you save a child's life?".

Albert states, "The most powerful nation in the free world should not have any homelessness or hungry people with empty stomachs. Within the first 100 days of my administration these situations will cease to exist".

"National Healthcare?" Why not eliminate sickness and disease in America completely," Albert says.
A mantle is falling and somebody needs to pick it up. We believe that Mr. Howard has picked up Gerald"Our"Ford's Michigan Mantle as he is an Ann Arbor, MI USA resident.
Kim Clement recently prophesied that the next 3 Terms of U.S. Presidents will be Christians.
Kim Clement has also been quoted as predicting that an African-American President will be raised up.
Could Albert Benjamin Howard be the person raised up that is predicted to come out of the region of The State of Michigan?
"The skillful are not obvious They appear to be simple-minded Those who know this know the patterns of the Absolute To know the patterns is the Subtle Power The Subtle Power moves all things and has no name, quoted from Dr. David Hawkins book, Power vs. Force.
"Power accomplishes what force cannot do for it goes where force cannot follow".